Mambu Badu PDF Magazine!

We love all the positive energy and encouragement we are getting from folks!  As we remember, reflect and renew, we wanted to give everyone a heads up about the “Memory” call. 

This first call for photographs will manifest as a downloadable PDF Magazine that will be posted here as well as emailed out.  After June 2011, we will have a physical exhibit on the East Coast where the ladies of Mambu Badu reside.  We have already thought about the logistics of people who submit work from outside the U.S. or from the West Coast and we have already imagined some amazing and innovative ways to make this work. 

We are excited about starting off with a PDF Magazine because it allows your amazing work to be seen by more people and gives the ladies of Mambu Badu the opportunity to “curate” a 2D space. 

Looking forward to seeing all of your amazing work!  And we are humbled to have this opportunity to work with you all! 

Remember the deadline is Tuesday, December 2, 2010 at 12AM EST.

2 thoughts on “Mambu Badu PDF Magazine!

    • Thanks Carolyn! You can become a member of the collective by submitting work for our first call for entry, Memory. You can download info and submission guidelines by clicking on the badge on the right sidebar. If you’re interested in doing more behind-the-scene work with the collective, definitely drop us a line at and we can talk more about that.


      The Ladies of Mambu Badu

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